The World’s First WCT Insurance Policy

Risk management and athlete well-being have always been paramount concerns for World Chase Tag. Safety and security are vital not only for athletes but also for event organizers, staff, and everyone involved in the sports ecosystem. To address these needs, we have achieved a groundbreaking milestone – the creation of the first-ever WCT insurance policy in the world. This extraordinary feat was made possible with the invaluable support of key partners, M Pierre-Louis Ascarino and DIOT SIACI, along with the backing of the esteemed insurer, Generali, the third-largest insurance company globally.

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the significance of this monumental achievement, the comprehensive coverage provided by the WCT insurance policy, and how it benefits athletes, practitioners, and event organizers. We will also explore the membership program associated with the insurance policy, aimed at offering affordable and extensive coverage, along with exclusive perks and access to the groundbreaking WCT app, Squared.


The Genesis of WCT Insurance

The need for comprehensive sports insurance has been a long-standing concern of ours and the inception of the WCT insurance policy represents a solution to this problem.


It started from conversations with athletes, coaches and gyms owners from our community. Working with younger sports brings its own difficulties among which, getting insured for the proper risks and activities. During most of 2022 we started drafting propositions to insurance companies and getting acquainted with the process but it wasn’t until the end of the year that we partnered up with DIOT SIACI to move faster. The successful creation of the WCT insurance policy is a testament to the power of collaboration. We cannot express how much work has been put through by M Ascarino for almost one year to make it happen. Drafting proposals, organizing meetings, preparing documents for insurance companies, proofreading contracts, etc. This has been a long and difficult road to make it happen, for our athletes and community members !


Comprehensive Coverage: The WCT Insurance Policy

With the backing of Generali we present the WCT insurance policy.

One of the core strengths of the WCT insurance policy is its all-encompassing coverage :


1. Event Coverage: The policy ensures the security and financial stability of event organizers, making it a game-changer for the sports industry.

2. Staff Protection: The well-being of event staff is of utmost importance, and WCT insurance provides a safety net for individuals behind the scenes.

3. Athlete and Practitioner Coverage: This is a crucial aspect, as it extends protection to those actively participating in sports, training, and competitions.


That’s not all…

Introduction of the Tag Card. This Tag Card is a unique offering that provides athletes and practitioners with :

1. Insurance Benefits: A breakdown of the insurance coverage provided, highlighting its significance for athletes and practitioners during training and competitions (In selected countries).

2. Discounts at Partnered Gyms and Brands: The Tag Card also opens the door to cost-effective fitness and equipment options through partnerships with gyms and brands.

3. Exclusive Access to Squared: Introducing Squared, the world’s only WCT app allowing you to track your training and competition stats and train with the full experience of Chase Tag (timer, score, voice commands, …).

Coming Next

The creation of the WCT insurance policy is a historic milestone for our company and sport. It exemplifies our unwavering dedication to the safety and well-being of athletes, practitioners, event organizers, and staff. The WCT insurance policy, combined with the Tag Card membership, not only provides extensive coverage but also offers a gateway to exclusive benefits and the revolutionary Squared app. Our goal over the next few months is to extend the coverage to other countries to benefit the broader Chase Tag community.

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The World’s First WCT Insurance Policy

Risk management and athlete well-being have always been paramount concerns for World Chase Tag. Safety and security are vital not only for athletes but also

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