Quad Pass – (4,99€/mo)*

The Quad Pass membership is a 12 months auto-renew contract for all the athletes covered by the insurance.


This is more than just a membership, it’s your golden ticket to a realm of benefits that elevate your training and safeguard your pursuits. Join our community of professional & amateur Chasers.


A Thriving Community Awaits

Beyond the physical feats and training milestones, becoming a member of World Chase Tag EMEA means joining an interconnected community of like-minded individuals who share your passion. Engage with fellow Chasers, exchange experiences, and forge friendships that span across continents. Together, we redefine the boundaries of possibility and celebrate the artistry of movement.

For Pro Athletes and Competition Seekers

In the pursuit of excellence, commitment is non-negotiable. World Chase Tag EMEA mandates membership for all professional athletes who seek to showcase their prowess on the global stage. Additionally, participation in any competition hosted by WCT EMEA is contingent on membership. This requirement underscores our dedication to fostering a community of dedicated athletes who are united by their passion for athleticism.


Injury Insurance included*

With our partners, we go the extra mile by providing insurance coverage that shields you from the unexpected. Whether it's a minor mishap or a challenging hurdle, you can train with confidence knowing that you're protected. Our insurance policies extend a safety net that allows you to push your limits while we watch over your well-being.

* Current countries covered : France

Discount on selected brands & gyms

Imagine having access to a network of premier gyms where you can hone your skills and connect with fellow athletes. World Chase Tag EMEA membership offer discounts to a realm of open gyms, each equipped with state-of-the-art facilities designed to elevate your training. Unleash your creativity and fine-tune your techniques in an environment that fosters growth and camaraderie. Benefit also from reduced prices on merch from events and our online shop.

Personal Statistics

Embark on a journey of self-improvement with our comprehensive training statistics feature. Every chase, every game, and every tag is meticulously recorded, allowing you to dissect your performance and identify areas for enhancement. This invaluable tool empowers you to refine your techniques, measure your progress, and ultimately become an even more formidable urban athlete.


Coverage Overview
  • Accidental Death
  • Funeral
  • Permanent Disability
  • Bone fracture, dislocation & muscle tear
  • Adjustments to the home and/or vehicle

 Who is covered ?


If you purchased a membership and you’re home address is in France, you’re covered by WCT EMEA, in partnership with Generali (click to learn more about the insurance policy). The USA & the UK will be the next countries offering insurance to Chasers (Expected release in 2024). 

What activities are covered ?

You’re covered for accidental injuries during all WCT activities, whether you’re training or competing on an official Quad. This insurance policy intervenes following the coverage of the compulsory regime in France (sécurité sociale) and mutual contracts.


When are you covered ?


Whether you’re competing or just training, you’re covered for a the remainder of the year. Memberships start on the 1st of August and end on the 31st of July.


When are you covered ?


Worldwide, 24/7 (exceptions apply).

Discounts & Partners​

Up to 25% off in our partner gyms

Unlock a world of fitness and competition with your Quad pass ! Gain exclusive access to our partner gyms and competitions at special reduced rates. Plus, enjoy a host of fantastic deals and perks that come with your membership. Elevate your fitness journey and chase your athletic goals while saving big with WCT EMEA. Join us today and experience a whole new level of fitness and fun!

Personal Statistics

Access from anywhere

With your Membership comes a license of Squared, the first and only WCT software in the world. Squared is a web-based interface that allows you to connect and control your training informations on any device.

What is included ?

With Squared you’ll be able to log in your training sessions, see your past performances in official and unofficial competitions* as well as get priority sign-up to all partner competitions. You’ll also get unlimited training chases with the official buzzer and timer system on your phone and up to 30 free matches per month.


What kind of informations will I get access to ?

You’ll be able to access all your personal informations and performances. This means both competitively and in training :

  • • Your total number of chases played, as Chaser &/or Evader
  • • Your average time per chase
  • • Your overall ranking (national & worldwide)
  • • Your tag & evasion ratios (and how you compare to the average chaser)
  • • Your personal heatmap : where you make the most tags and where you get tagged the most.

Other informations will be made available in the coming months. Stay tuned ! 

World Chase Tag® EMEA
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