We at World Chase Tag EMEA, appreciate your efforts in safeguarding our and WCT LLC intellectual property rights globally. On this form, you can report any confidential information regarding unauthorised usage of our trademarks, copyrights or any other intellectual property by an individual or entity. Our mission is to promptly address every report received to protect the community we have built.


Kindly fill in the required details below to aid us in assessing the nature and extent of the infringement, and determining the next steps to take.


Please note the following:

For more information on how to properly use and reference the World Chase Tag® brand, please refer to the guidelines of your License Agreement or reach out to your regional manager.



We thank you for your support to the World Chase Tag® community!

Please provide a valid email address where we can reach you. It may be necessary for us to get in touch with you for further information regarding your report.
Please provide as much relevant information as you can regarding your claim. The more details you provide, the faster our team can investigate your report. By law, we need substantial evidence such as photographs, internet links, advertisements, posters or flyers, social media content, etc., to proceed with your claim. Claims based solely on hearsay are not adequate. We prefer links to websites and social media accounts over screenshots. You will have the chance to upload photographs and other documents later on.
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