World Chase Tag EMEA

World Chase Tag EMEA

Assemblage Direct - Simplified Buildings

Partnership with Simplified Building

2020, 21, 22, 23 & counting

Since 2020 we’ve had the chance of partnering up with Simplified Buildings – Assemblage Direct. This collaboration has allowed us to offer more and more spectacular events for fans of World Chase Tag® while providing quality products at competitive prices and in a short time frame.

Through this partnership, we have been able to serve more customers and provide more events for Chase Tag® fans. The galvanized steel fittings provided by Assemblage Direct have been a major asset to our success, allowing us to offer quality products at attractive prices and in a very short time frame. But this partnership is not limited to providing quality products. Assemblage Direct has also been an important sponsor for our events in Le Mans in September 2021, Antwerp in October 2021, and Lyon in December 2021. Their help in communicating and promoting our brand has been invaluable.

World Chase Tag® is a sport that continues to grow in popularity it is therefore essential for companies like ours to offer quality events to satisfy this growing demand. 

In conclusion, the partnership between WCT EMEA and Assemblage Direct has been beneficial to both companies, strengthening their market position and contributing to their success in the Chase Tag sport. Through this partnership, we have been able to offer quality products at competitive prices, organize increasingly impressive events and strengthen our brand image with the general public. We are confident that this fruitful collaboration will continue to bear fruit in the years to come.

Founded in 1934 in England, Kee Klamp® is the original and most renowned Clamp Product and is sold in over 80 countries worldwide. All Kee Klamp® fittings are marked with the essential brand name and product number to ensure traceability and originality.


All fittings are supplied with Thread Koat® and Kee Koat®. All Kee Klamp® fittings are supplied with locking screws made of case-hardened steel and coated with our unique Kee Koat® finish for maximum corrosion protection. In addition, the unique Thread Koat® finish – factory applied to the threads of the fitting – contributes to the longevity and corrosion protection of the fittings.


The best in the industry! Simplified Building has been designing equipment with Kee Klamp® fittings for over 85 years, giving them unparalleled expertise. 

They offer the widest range of fittings for any configuration. They’ve been expanding the range for decades. For example, the exclusive line of slope fittings was developed and tested in-house by their team of engineers, and Simplified Building also market a complete line of aluminum fittings, Kee Lite®, as well as fittings designed for PRM ramps, Kee Access®.

Since 2018, all our Quads™ in Europe, Middle East & Africa have been built in partnership with Simplified Building & Assemblage Direct.

The Quad™ is made under the WCT size rules. It is currently available at 12 by 12m or 8 by 8m sizes.

It is designed to be particularly easy to disassemble and fit into moving trucks. It allows you to transport your equipment for events or rentals. Typical building time is under 3 hours for 3 persons and disassembly takes under 1 hour.

All Kee Klamp® fittings are manufactured according to the NF EN 1562 and 1563 standards for malleable iron, which guarantee the strength of the component. All of our Kee Klamp® fittings are hot-dip galvanized according to the NF ISO 1461:2009 standard, with a 45 to 55 micron coating for maximum durability and longevity. There has been a safety barrier of Kee Klamp® fittings installed next to Niagara Falls since the 1960s! All of our Kee Klamp® fittings undergo extensive testing both at the factory and at our logistics warehouse


To ensure consistent quality, Kee Klamp® fittings have been tested and approved by TÜV – the world’s leading testing agency – for strength, quality and consistency of production. Vibration tests have also been performed by an independent research laboratory. This test is equivalent to a semi-trailer passing by the handrail for the duration of the test. Rest assured that your Quad™ built with Kee Klamp® is the best quality on the market.

World Chase Tag® EMEA
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