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Ville de Roubaix - URBX Festival

World Chase Tag Roubaix – URBX


World Chase Tag Roubaix 2023 took place at La Condition Publique. The event was organised by Parkour59 as part of URBX, the international festival of urban cultures. 


7 international teams from Israel, England, Scotland, Belgium and the Netherlands competed on the Quad™ for first place against the local teams from Parkour59.


The competition was broadcast live in French and English on our Youtube channel “World Chase Tag EMEA” as well as on the general World Chase Tag YouTube channel (1 million subscribers). Over 3 hours of content, 5 camera operators, 8 video feeds, instant replay of key actions, overlays and gfx effects, in-venue displays and commentary in French & English.


Parkour59 team ended up with a double victory at the World Chase Tag Roubaix thanks to their participation in the mixed and women’s divisions. A first-place finish 2 weeks before the French World Chase Tag Championships, and a boost to the Roubaix team’s confidence who’ll join WCT6 France as the favorite team for the win !


• Parkour59 – Main organiser

• Ville de Roubaix

• URBX Festival

• La Condition Publique – Venue, lighting, screens, sound systems, …

• Squared Events – Providing software solutions for overlay GFX and WCT event management.

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