World Chase Tag reaches Réunion – First Quad in the Southern Hemisphere

MANAHA is a French company located in the Reunion Island. The company is well known for creating sports and recreational spaces in partnership with cities. In the summer of 2023, MANAHA contacted us to create a partnership and bring World Chase Tag to the Indian Ocean.

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La Pointe du Diable - Réunion


The Reunion Island, nestled in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar, is now home to the first Quad in the Southern Hemisphere. A testament to Manaha’s commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining leisure experiences. This groundbreaking achievement is not just about introducing a new sport but also marks the beginning of a transformative journey for the region’s Chase Tag enthusiasts.


To ensure the success of this project, Manaha invited Gayar, the local parkour & ADD club, for a strategic partnership. Manaha brings the Quad and find solutions to set it up permanently on the Island and Gayar will be taking care of classes and initiations. This partnership made sense from the first time we got in touch as Gayar was already running Tag classes and events. There also seems to be great interest by practitioners on the island and we expect to see amazing athletes coming out of La Réunion. They’ll join the ranks of other pro athletes from there such as Valentin Dubois (Blacklist – 2019 Euro Champion) or Léa Marionette (Urban Corp Nano).


First Certification on the Island

Endorsing the commitment to safety and professionalism, all parties involved joined in the first-ever certification event in the southern hemisphere.  The certification by World Chase Tag covers all aspects of the sport :

• History of World Chase Tag : How it came about and what we’re aiming to achieve

• Rules & Regulations : How to play the game and be a referee

Safety & Group Classes : Teaching World Chase Tag and tailoring the game to all levels

• Event management : How to run your own Chase Off events

• Business Practices : Legal information and contracts.

The World Chase Tag Team in the Reunion Island is now fully operational and open for orders and installations. Our goal is to bring  


It’s a space where individuals of all ages can experience the thrill of the chase firsthand. But that’s not all – starting in January 2024, the Quad will provide WCT classes specifically tailored for high schools. This initiative aims to introduce a new generation to the exhilarating world of World Chase Tag.

If you’re a company, organization, or team looking to elevate your athletic experience, now is the time to seize the opportunity. The World Chase Tag Quad is not limited to Israel; it can be yours too ! Imagine the excitement of having your own Quad, creating a space where the chase never ends. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and make your mark in the world of World Chase Tag.


Participation in the Sports & Leisure Show: A Resounding Success

Following the Quad unveiling and certification event, Manaha took center stage at the first-ever Sports & Leisure show in the Indian Ocean. With a playground more than twice the size of every other stands and with a long line of people waiting to try and play, World Chase Tag was the most prominent activity showcased at the salon.


Over the course of 3 days, World Chase Tag was introduced through presentation of the Quad and activity, public initiations, small competition and video presentation. It gathered interest not only from athletes and parkour enthusiasts but also from cities, event companies and consumers looking to bring WCT to their own city or region. We’ll communicate soon on all the finalised deals from this event but we can already say it was a resounding success !

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