World Chase Tag® Launches Revamped Certification Model

Welcome to the next era of World Chase Tag® certifications, where coaching and event organisation take center stage in our pursuit of excellence. In our ongoing commitment to advancing the sport, we are thrilled to introduce our revamped certification model that promises to empower coaches and event organisers worldwide.

Level 1 Certification – Online

Embark on your WCT journey with our Level 1 certification, now available online for coaches and individuals operating under a Standard License Agreement. This comprehensive program covers five critical subjects:


• WCT History, Foundation, and network : with exclusive interviews with the founders of the sport Christian & Damien Devaux as well as unreleased footage from the early stages of development.


• Rules & Regulations for referees and small game organisers : access to the official rulebooks, hands-on exercises and templates for your own events.


• Understanding the Quad and creating improvised playgrounds : what is a Quad in WCT, Evasion Quality and balancing the game as well as safety matters for your students.


• Coaching WCT with in-depth analysis : get familiar with the vocabulary of WCT as well as WCT specific movements and strategies. Understanding this is crucial to provide the best classes for your audience.


• and crucial insights into business practices.


The online format allows for a flexible and engaging learning experience, utilising digital elements like videos, exercises, and templates.

Level 2 Certification – On-site

Level up your skills with our revamped Level 2 certification, now honing in on running classes on the official Quad and mastering the art of event organisation. From software management to effective communication and understanding various event roles, Level 2 ensures that by the end of the course, you can autonomously and expertly organise events, mirroring the quality of official WCT events.


Pricing and Discounts

Say goodbye to the old pricing model ! Our new bundled offer presents both Level 1 and Level 2 certifications for the same price as the previous Level 2 alone – $1,200. Plus, for a limited time in January 2024, the Level 1 online certification is available at a 43% discount, priced at just $199 instead of $350. And here’s the exciting part – Level 1 certification is now valid worldwide!

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