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List of WCT® Gyms


Name Quad™ Adress Country Website
1 Mission Tokyo 8x8m 〒132-0025 Tokyo, 都, 27, 江戸川区松江2-27-15 Japan
2 KIMEO 12x12m 40 Chemin du Pras, 69350 La Mulatière - Lyon France
3 LinkParkour 8x8m Shanghai China
4 La Free'ch 12x12m 10 Rue de Babylone, 59100 Roubaix France
5 Overground Basel 12x12m Elsässerstrasse 215, 4056 Basel Switzerland
6 Blast 8x8m Paris France
7 West Coast Academy 12x12m Saint Avertin France
8 Apex Boulder 12x12m 3030 Oneal Pkwy APT M11, Boulder, CO 80301 United States of America
9 Urban Corp 12x12m 39 bis Av. de Larrieu-Thibaud, 31100 Toulouse France
10 Blast Carré Sénart 8x8m 3 All. du Préambule, 77127 Lieusaint France
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