World Chase Tag® - Certified Trainer Level 2

The Certified Trainer Level 2 (CT-L2) training provides advanced instruction in the principles and strategies of the game. It is the benchmark course for anyone wishing to become a coach or owner of a Chase Tag™ Quad™. This course is ideally suited to any coach who is concerned with delivering quality content and training. Participants improve their understanding of the World Chase Tag™ methodology and discover the tools for designing and implementing training programs.

Course Content

Rules & Refereeing

Safety and Group Classes

Strategies & Competitions

Business Practices

Official rules for teams and individual formats, refereeing rules and procedures for organising competitions in official or community circuits. Those who have completed the 2nd level of training can referee official WCT® events.

During the training, the emphasis is on the safety of the participants for an innovative and intense activity. Numerous course contents (training cycles, standard sessions, teaching situations, etc.) are made available to the trainees in order to facilitate the application in professional situations.

Discovery of fundamental strategies (Shielding, Cutting, Delaying, …) and space management (Mountain, Sisters, Tilted Cube, …). Discovery and familiarisation with sports analysis tools.

Presentation of the different levels of membership and how they work. Discovering the vertical and horizontal communication procedures within the WCT® network. Obligations and advantages of World Chase Tag® licensees.


  • Cost of the course : 1050€ VAT excl. (Retest : 150€)
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • Hold a first aid certification or be in the process of acquiring one
  • Registration: Online

Additional Informations

  • The training is compulsory for all supervisors and managers of centres offering the Chase Tag activity as well as for any purchaser of a Quad™.
    WCT® EMEA is the only centre approved in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa to deliver the WCT® certifications.
  • WCTLLC and WCT® EMEA reserve the right to update prices at any time. Prices are applicable at the time of registration.
  • The WCT CT-L2 training does not give the right to a professional sports educator card in France. It is therefore necessary to complete the training with a state diploma such as a BPJEPS, CQP, DEUST or Licence STAPS with equivalence.
  • To Maintain : Every 3 years reattend & meet current certificate requisites.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which languages is the course and assessment offered?

English and French are the default languages for the course. In some countries, a translator is present. Courses with a translator are specified in the course outline.

Is there a deadline to register ?

Registration is possible until the course is full or until the course starts, whichever comes first. However, a 20% fee is added if registration is made 14 days or less before the course date.

How long is the certification valid? Do I have to renew it?

Level 2 training must be refreshed every 3 years. In addition, it is only valid when used under an Official License Agreement for the organisation carrying out the activities.

What does the WCT® Level 2 certificate allow?

Level 2 is one of the two prerequisites to obtain an OLA (Official licence agreement) and offer World Chase Tag® courses and events. The second prerequisite is the acquisition of a Quad (official practice structure, 8x8m or 12x12m).

Following this course, the coach is entitled to:

  • Supervise the World Chase Tag® activity and offer group or private lessons from beginner to intermediate level,
  • Referee matches on the official WCT circuit,
  • Act as a local relay for the organisation of official events,

They also receives updates on the practice structure, official events, regulations and statistics related to the number of licensees or safety elements (risk factors, injury statistics, …).

What is the minimum age required to participate in the course?

Participants must be at least 18 years old at the time of their test to become a World Chase Tag® coach. The minimum age required to participate in the Level 1 certification course is 16.

When and how are certificates issued?

Certificates are sent by individual mail and may take four to six weeks for people living outside France. Certificates of participation are sent by e-mail within one month of course participation.

Level 2 Testing Requirements

As a teacher level certification, candidates for the WCT® Level 2 will be tested to display their competence in the following areas:

• Understanding of the discipline and official rules
• Refereeing WCT® games
• Ability to teach others in an effective and safe manner

Each student will be tested during the certification through written assessments and practical situations.

Ressources & Training Materials

To prepare for the certification, students will receive the following materials 30 days before the beginning of training :

  • WCT® Level 2 – Manual
  • Instructional videos

They will also gain access to the student portal.