World Chase Tag® – Certified Trainer

The WCT® Certification Curriculum provides an introduction to the fundamental principles and strategies of World Chase Tag® practice. It is the entry point for anyone wishing to become a coach or owner of a Quad™. This course is ideally suited to any coach who is concerned with delivering quality content and training. Participants improve their understanding of the World Chase Tag™ methodology and discover the tools for designing and implementing training programs.

WCT® - Level 1

The foundation upon which the WCT® curriculum is built. You’ll learn about the World Chase Tag® brand and goals. You’ll discover how to set up Chase Tag® activities and classes for beginners and the basic strategies. Level 1 is mandatory for every coach operating under a Standard License Agreement.

WCT® - Level 2

Level 2 is advanced training with official Quad™ use. This level of certification is mandatory for coaches and organisations operating under an Official License Agreement and owning a Quad™. Level 2 coaches are able to run group and private lessons, WCT® Chase-offs and Flight Clubs and be picked as referees.

WCT® - Level 3 Master Trainer

The WCT® Level III Certification is our master level course for our instructor team. These individuals are involved in the process of developing and updating the certification. They have a broad knowledge of the discipline and all its components.

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